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This page is about my points and views on life. You may not like them or not agree but hey thats why there called my points. So therefore if you don't like them don't look at them. Simple as that.

I dunno, but I just think this song goes with this point. You just got to listen to it to know what I mean.

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Does anyone ever wonder why guys are so insensitive?? I mean you hear girls all the time saying how there man is so caring and lovable, but then the moment they break up it's like he was a jerk.

I have learned that there is no perfect guy. I've known a few that are pretty close, but even they had some flaws. Some guys do come close but all in all there isn't no such thing as a perfect man.

I my life I have loved many. I have a great personality, but I am very low in self-esteem. An thats cause I've listened and believed that what everyone else has to say about me is true. I have no confidence in myself. When it comes to me and guys I automatically think they are turned away from me due to looks.

I am not an ugly girl, but then again I'm not no model. I'm a fun person to be around, but no one gives me the chance to show that.


OK I finally thought of another point today. It came to me while I was checking my email.

Is it me or is it really retarded to send the same damn forwards to all your friends over and over and.....

And exspecially ones that tell you to send it to some many and after you done that hit such and such key and lil animals will appear. I mean damn I'm a blonde and still know them damn things aren't gonna work.

An another thing why send the forward it back to the same person that sent it to you?? Whats the point in that??

No offense to anyone that reads this.

This point reminds me of a poem that my dad has written which is below.


Do they just see the ugly
or can they see that deep?
Can they see through to my heart
and see that it weeps?

On the outside
they see only the rough.
It's really on the inside
where I must be tough.

The scars and the wrinkles
that live on my face.
And just for the tears
as down they do race.

The pain in my eyes
There it will remain.
My soul is only peaceful
as I'm soaked by the rain.

The chills from my body
come as I'm still
Haunted by memories
where I oncehad the will.

My dreams never come
for dreams don't come true.
I smile at the thunder
and wish I was through.

In the cold I don't shiver
for that is a sin
I only shiver at the words
where I'm never let in.

My hands they do tremble
but not from the fear.
It's easy to be lonely
for I am every year.

I can't show emotion
not any more.
For just like my face
my heart is a horror.

The ugly I wear
will always be there.
Until I die
and no longer have air.


I mean ask your self this one simple question. Would you rather love someone that is good looking but treats you like shit, or someone that isn't all that but is good at heart and would die at any given second for you??

I know that I wouldn't be the first to go for the goodlooking, but in my heart I would know that the better choice would have been the other person. I've learned this from experience, some of you might think I'm crazy but looks just bring you pain.

I know that in this world everything is based on looks. Most guys are out for the "blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'9 model wanna be, perfect 10 figure, big breasted" kind of girl. But in real life, most of them girls are "sluts, stuck up, rich brats"

Not to say that all are. But most think that cause they have a perfect body that they are soooo much better then everyone else. Well the fact is that everyone is made equal, even though some think other.


And for them damn things to say your gonna have bad luck if you don't do that, thats just craziness. I mean no one can decide how your future is gonna be. No one other then you!!

I mean don't get me wrong, there aint nothing wrong with all forwards. Cause I mean some of them are kind of cute or funny.

But I mean do you have to send them over and over.... until there old and no one wants to hear them??

And about the ones that don't work. I don't even wanna go there. If you aint smart enough to realize what I'm gonna say about them, then you don't need to be on the computer. You aught to be at preschool learning.


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This is my only point I have right now, but I will try to add some more later.