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There is alot of people that I forgot to say hi to on my first page. So I'm makin this page to let them know I didn't forget them.

These are some of my close buddies

Kristina(right)- Hey girl. Sorry about not getting you on the front page, but I just forgot. I mean it's been so long since we have actually talked you just slipped my mind. Well I'll miss you this year , and good luck with everything you do. Lylas ~Tosha~

TSmooth- Since you wouldn't give me your real name I had to use that. You are one crazy guy. An thanks for watching out for me and trying to keep me away from all those stalkers.Good luck with everything you do. Love ya ~Tosha~

John- You are a really great guy and I'm sorry about everything that happened. An you know I'll always love you even though we're not together. An I hope that we can always be friends. Love ya always ~Tosha~

Chris- You are a real sweetie, and a great friend. I hope we always stay friends. I hope everything works out with you and Sammie. ~Tosha~

Jayesh- You are a really kool friend and I hope we stay in touch. An I hope you find a really special girl. ~Tosha~

Travis- You are a really nice guy, and even though I have a boyfriend I hope we can still be friends. ~Tosha~

Jamie(left)- OMG!! I was juat sitting here and I realized I forgot all about you. I can't believe that. You are a really close friend to me. Your about the only friend I have that has ever seen me cry. An I want to thank you for being home that night of the fight. I'll also miss you this year. ~Tosha~

Romeo- You are such a sweetheart, and crazy at that!! I hope we stay in touch and are always good friends. Call me sometime soon!! ~Tosha~

Erik(left)- You are so sweet and you will always have a speical place in my heart. An I'm here for you if you ever need to talk. I hope to get to hang out with you sometime soon!! I'll try to call you more often to talk. I'll always love you like a best friend! ~Tosha

Larry- You are such a sweet guy! An I hope we can always be friends. ~Tosha~

Mike- Well what to say about you?? I mean we did hate each other there for a while. Well I wish the best in what happens between us. An I hope that no matter what happens will always be friends. Love Always ~ToShA~

Jason- I really dunno what to say about you. I really haven't known you all that long. I know your funny as hell(well can be), but trust me it's a good thing!! ~ToShA~










If I forgot to add anyone I'm so sorry please forgive me. I have a bad memory!! You all should know that. Just let me know if I have forgot you and I'll get you on here!!

Robbie- Dude I don't know what to really say about you. All I know is your a trip. Your funny as hell. Stay that way!! ~Tosha~

Caleb- You are one of my closes friends that I have online!! An I hope we'll one day meet and be even better friends!! Always stay the same never change. Your too kool now to need to change any! ~Tosha~

Amanda- Hey girl, I've only met you a couple times but you seem pretty kool. Stay that way and you'll go far in life! Lylas ~Tosha~

Ken(pic on page 2 of pics)- You are a really great friend and I'm glad I met you!! Stay sweet and never change for no one!! Call me sometime. Love ya like a brother ~Tosha~

Kc(right)-Your a great friend and you've always been there alot lately when I needed to talk about my problems! An I love you for that(in a friend kind of way) ~Tosha~

Bobby- Were have you been lately?? April, Sam, Angie, And me have missed talking to you. Well I hope to here from you soon. Stay kool and don't change for anyone. Your perfect the way you are. ~Tosha~

Robert(pic of him on 1st page of pic)- Even though your my best friend Candy's bf you are still a good friend and if you and Candy ever do break up(which i doubt will happen) I hope we can still be friends. Take care of yourself and good luck with your band. An stay out of trouble. ~Tosha~

Lloyd- You are a really sweet guy, and a great friend. Good luck in the future! ~Tosha~

Darius- I haven't known you very long but you are very sweet and a really good person to talk to! ~Tosha~

Richard- Hey I really haven't known you long but you are a really nice guy. I hope we stay friends. ~Tosha

Alex- You are like one of my best friends, and I love talking to you. I know you've been through alot and I'm really glad I could help you out. I know you would do the same for me. You are so very sweet stay that way and never change and I'm sure you'll find a really great girl. You deserve the best girl you can find. Love ya like a best bud ~Tosha~

Jeff- Your a such a sweetheart. Your so crazy at that. YOur funny as hell to talk to on the phone when your drunk. But, your still a great guy. Love ~Tosha~

Wade- Your such a sweetheart. Stay that way and you'll go far babe ;) Love ~Tosha~


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