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Pics 2


Here's some more pics of my friends!!

Sam and Lester

Here's a pic of Samantha and Lester!!


Here's a pic of Angie shuffling cards!!

Here's a close up of Samantha, Angie, and Me. Look how big are heads look.

Sammie, Angie, and Me

Here's a pic of Kristina, Samantha, and April.

Kristina, Sammie, and April

This is my good friend Ken. He's such a sweetie!! ---->


Here's a pic of Angie and Samantha goofing off in biology(like we always did)!!

Sam and Angie

Shannon, Sammie, Amanda, April, and Amy. A very bad pic.

Here's a really bad pic of Shannon, Samantha, Amanda, April, and Amy at the Piketon 2001 Fair!! Look how white we are.

April, Sammie, and Me

Here's another close up of April, Samantha, and Me. Man, we still got big heads


<---- Here's a pic of my pal KC. Doesn't he just look so cute when he smiles?? Theres another pic of him on my friends page.


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