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Here is some of my poems that I have wrote!! There not all that good, but there all by me!!


I never meant to hurt you
but some how I still did
I cried so much that night
I couldn't cry now even if I tried

All day long no matter how I try
You're still always on my mind
The sound of your voice
I can still hear in my head

The mention of your name
Drives me insane
The very thought of you
Makes me wish I was dead

Never had I imagined
It turning out this way
Theres no one else left
but me to blame

If I wouldn't have been so selfish
And played love like a game
Then I would've never
cause you so much pain

If only I would've listened
to those who really care
When they tried to tell me
Beware, before I lose the one I love

I never thought it would happen
at least not to us
Lastnight when you said them words
I felt as if I'd never breathe again

You asked a simple question
Which one? I had to choose
I just played it off thinking
You wouldn't really make me

I could have kept all this from happening
If only I would have listened
When you told me not to talk to him
It would only cause problems, is what you said

Now is sit and wonder
If maybe it wasn't for the best
Cause now you can find someone better
That wont do what I done

The three months we shared together
Were very special to me
If only this would've lasted
Then it wouldn't be so hard now

But now things are changing
Feelings fading away
No matter what happens remember
In my heart you'll always stay

What Happened to Are Love

What happened to are love
It use to be so strong
We use to be best friends
How can it all go wrong
You said you'd be with me till the end
You told me not to worry
She's just a friend
I can't believe I trusted you
Maybe if I wouldn't have
I wouldn't be here now
Why did I let you hurt me
Why didn't I walk away
Why did I have to stay and listen
Now I must pay

You believed in me
When no one else did
You was there for me
When I needed a friend
You held me close
When I was frightened
You told it would be alright
After each and every fight
But now as I sit and cry
I've noticed
No more will I have you here with me
I know I made a few mistakes
something I can never forget
The way I played you
As If I was some little kid
I did not think about it
How much it would hurt in the end
How I feel like
As if I lost my best friend
My only true friend
What I thought my lover till the end
Now I sit and wait
The next few words you say
Could end us or make us fate
My heart begins to beat faster
Ss you say the words
My stomache begins to ache
As the sound of your voice I hear
As my eyes feel with tears
As I hear what you say
I start to shiver
As I realize it's over
Now only will I have you in memories
Memories that will start to fade
As we grow older
Less and less we'll think about each other
For you was my true love
my planned destiny
That night we ended it as friends
Now I wonder if we can even be






Your the sweeterst guy I've ever known.
An still I wonder,
Why I fell in love with you
or, even why you love me too?
I know sometimes I drive you crazy,
Other times I make you mad.
But, most of the time you love me
For who I am.
I lied and made one mistake
I almost losted you then.
I still don't even know,
Why I cheated on you?
How could I have been so stupid? To hurt some one like you.
I never meant to hurt you
and I never will again.
I never meant for it to happen
It's just something that kind of did.
I said I was sorry a million times
I'll never let it happen again
But, nothing can change what I did.
I hope that you can forgive me
and, understand my love will never change.
Even if this comes to an end
But, even then I know we'll still be friends.
The way I feel about you
I've never felt before.
I love you so much more,
Then I've ever loved someone before.
I don't know how to explain it.
These feeling I have for you.
The only thing I can think of,
Baby, I love you!!

Lose the One You Love

I trusted you, but all you did was lie
How could you lie to me
Look me straight in the eyes
You said you loved me
yet You played me for a fool
you said I was your only one
Still you went out to have fun
You blamed what happened on drinking
but you wasn't even drunk
You asked why I didn't trust you
How could you be so dumb
Everyday, Everyweek the same old thing
Day in, Day out all you did was run
Run to the next one
When the one that you really nees is at home
The one that loved you
The one that you hurt
Not meaning to, but it always happens
You hurt the one you love
Maybe it was an accident
or maybe it was just for fun
Either way you lose the one you love

Together Forever

We've been together for sometime now
but everything seems to be changing
We used to talk all the time
Now we hardly have time to say hi
I miss the way you held me I miss the way you whispered I love you
You said we'd be together forever Now I'm starting to wonder
We use to be so close
bur now we're slipping apart
Farther and farter we slip away
Away from the love we once shared
If we try we could have it all back It might take some time
but it might be all worth it
To have you back in my life

You Must Have Not Believed Me

I told you I loved you
but you must have not believed me
because you never stopped cheating
The more love I gave
The more you pushed me away
Am I moving to fast
or am I in the past
Did you find somebody new
or are you just tired of me too
Why did you treat me like the others
You promised this time it would be different
You said you'd never cheat on me Why did you have to lie

I Can't Believe I Listened to You

You said we'd be together forever
I can't believe I listened to you
Thinking that we would
You swore you'd never cheat on me
but that was just another lie
You said you loved me
but still you played me
I trusted you
I guess that wasn't enough
You told me I was your only one
but till you continued to run


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